Elektron Octatrack gets its own mini movie

20th Dec 2010 | 15:22

Elektron Octatrack gets its own mini movie

The most extravagant launch video ever?

Time will tell just how groundbreaking Elektron's new Octatrack performance sampler turns out to be, but we can say with confidence that we've never seen a product video like the one that's made to accompany its imminent launch.

Shot to movie standard and with proper actors and everything, the 'apocalyptic' short doesn't tell you a great deal about what the Octatrack is capable of, but as a buzz-building spectacle, it's pretty incredible.

One question though: how many Octatrack's will Elektron have to sell to cover the film's budget? We're guessing quite a few; it goes on sale on 3 January and can be pre-ordered now for €1240/$1490.

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