Dusky's favourite music software

4th Feb 2013 | 15:42

Dusky's favourite music software
Apple Logic Pro

“For us, Logic is the ultimate all-rounder - it’s at the core of everything we make. We find it perfect for every stage of the production process, from recording to arranging and mixing.

“The bundled synths are great, too, and feature heavily on every track that we write.”

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Dusky's favourite music software
D16 Group Redoptor

“Our studio is all in the box, so we use a variety of plug-ins to warm up our sounds. Redoptor is fantastic when used as a parallel distortion effect for extra depth and colour.”

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Dusky's favourite music software
PSP StereoPack

“We’re careful about using widening plug-ins in our productions as they can make tracks phase horribly. However, the PSP StereoPack is a staple in our mixing process.

“When used in conjunction with the Brainworx bx_control plug-in, it can do magical things: everything from low bass to soaring lead sounds.”

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Dusky's favourite music software
Native Instruments Komplete 8

“This bundle goes seriously deep - you can pretty much make any sound you can imagine!

“Kontakt is our favourite sampler, and the user-created content available for Reaktor is so inspirational to us throughout the whole writing and production process.”

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Dusky's favourite music software
Celemony Software Melodyne

“Vocals are really important in our productions, and pretty much every vocal that we’ve processed in the past two years has been run through this plug-in at one point or another. It’s an absolutely essential tool in all our music.”

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