DJ Yoda's favourite music software

14th Dec 2012 | 16:25

DJ Yoda's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“This probably isn’t the most original of choices, but it’s such a simple and versatile way for me to get ideas together for production in the initial stages. The warping of samples is a game-changer for the kind of thing I do. Plus Live works with video too, which is great for my AV shows.”

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DJ Yoda's favourite music software
Serato Scratch Live

“I couldn’t do what I do without this program. I’ve been using Scratch Live since it came out, and it would be very weird to start DJing without it now - it’s become integral to my style of jumping from track to track and genre to genre. Again, I can use it with video too, which is amazing.”

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DJ Yoda's favourite music software
Universal Audio UAD plug-ins

“Mark [Ross, Chop Suey co-producer] has an 1176, LA2A and an RE-201 in the studio. The UAD plug-ins allow us multiple instances and total recall, as well as flavours of other esoteric hardware that I can’t afford!

“The step up to UAD-2 is a massive advance, and now plug-ins really do offer a valid alternative to hardware.”

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DJ Yoda's favourite music software
Propellerhead Software Reason

“[Mark Ross and I] don’t normally start tracks in this, but we were mucking around in an old version and realised that the timing sounded really good. We ended up making Happy - the track that we did with Boy George - in this, and Reason’s simplicity and lack of options definitely helped to shape the songwriting.”

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DJ Yoda's favourite music software
Native Instruments FM7/FM8

“I love 80s synth sounds, and find that I’m often drawn back to FM7/FM8 for that DX7 vibe. Mark has all the original synths, but we often work on the move, and Native Instruments’ software is a quick and easy way to get at these sounds.”

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Yoda’s second LP, Chop Suey, is out now on Get Involved

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