Classic E-MU sounds come to Cakewalk's Dimension

19th Nov 2007 | 16:49

Classic E-MU sounds come to Cakewalk's Dimension

Six software modules now available

Music technology veterans will remember E-MU's popular range of hardware sound modules, and now six of these are available as expansion packs for Cakewalk's Dimension series of software instruments.

First up, there's Mo'Phatt, the classic hip-hop module. The Proteus 2000 is a workhorse that covers countless sonic bases; Xtreme Lead-1 is packed with synth sounds; and Virtuoso 2000 deals with orchestral instruments.

The final two packs are PX-7 - a library of drum kits and percussion ensembles - and Planet Earth. As its name suggests, this contains sounds suitable for world music producers.

Each of the virtual modules comes with over 500 patches, and 500 more can be accessed once the product has been registered.

The expansion packs are compatible with both Dimension Pro and the cutdown Dimension LE. Cakewalk are now offering the latter product as a free download.

All the modules are available now priced at £49/€79 each (you can also buy all six together for £179/€259). They're Mac and PC compatible and will run as VST, Audio Units, RTAS and DX plug-ins.

Find out more at the Cakewalk website.

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