Carl Craig's favourite music software

28th Jun 2011 | 10:23

Carl Craig's favourite music software
Native Instruments Maschine

“My main reason for liking Maschine is that it’s like the next step on from an MPC3000 - it’s a sequencer and sampler with all these synthesizer features within it that let you take a sample and morph it. There’s a hundred years of technology between the MPC - which I still love - and Maschine in terms of being able to take a sound and destroy it.”

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Carl Craig's favourite music software
Native Instruments Traktor

“Traktor is my main performing software. It’s cool because you can sync other software with it, and it takes the concept of DJing to another level. It’s not like taking Ableton, putting tracks in it and then DJing with it - Traktor lets you control each deck, CD player or controller. 20 years ago I dreamt about being able to sync a drum machine to my turntable, so having that ability now is quite revolutionary to me.”

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Carl Craig's favourite music software
Apple Logic

“I don’t love Logic, but I do use it. What’s made me like Logic more than any of the other [DAWs] I’ve tried is my Axiom Pro keyboard - it makes Logic what I always wanted it to be, which is a true progression from a Fairlight. Now, with HyperControl and everything being mapped out, I don’t have to go into each plug-in and tell Logic to learn it. Also, every classic synth I ever wanted I can now have on my laptop.”

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Carl Craig's favourite music software
Five12 Numerology 3

“I love Numerology’s concept - it’s more of a sequencer than a sound-generator. I haven’t had a chance to use it too much yet, but there are a lot of things about it that I know are going to be fun for me to explore.”

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Carl Craig's favourite music software
Spectrasonics Omnisphere

“Omnisphere has wonderful versions of the classic synths but also all these amazing pad sounds - it’s a really great instrument. It may well be the best, simplest plug-in I’ve come across. It’s got sounds for everything and all you have to do is put them through an external processor and make them something totally new.”

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