Build your own synth for $20

8th Aug 2008 | 10:53

Build your own synth for $20

Could you be the next Bob Moog?

If you're of the virtual instrument generation, the concept of synths that are made from actual electronic parts may be completely alien to you.

However, if you fancy learning a little bit more about how oscillators and LFOs actually work, you can check out a new 'how to' guide that shows you how to build a basic synth for less than $20.

Posted on the Hack A Day website, the guide – written by Logan Williams – lists the parts you need and explains how to fit them together. This isn't an advanced electronic instrument by any means, but as the supplied audio clips prove, it does sound like a synthesizer of sorts.

So, if you're at a loose end this weekend, dig out you soldering iron and wire strippers and get building.

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