American Audio ETR1000 Headphones

20th Jun 2013 | 12:28

American Audio ETR1000 Headphones

High-powered headphones designed by Etronik

DJ EXPO 2013:The American Audio ETR 1000 headphones were designed by DJ champion ETRONIK. These comfortable, sturdy headphones use leather padding and cover the entire ear to cancel nearly all of the outside noise for superior noise isolating music monitoring.

The flexible, durable housing allows for double or single ear monitoring. The ETR 1000 are a high powered headphone with 2500 mW of power, a 40mm driver, and a dynamic range for great highs and lows. The ETR 1000's come with a built-in mini jack plus includes a straight 1/4-inch adapter and a headphone bag. The 5 ft/1.5M straight, light weight cable is tangle free and great for the active DJs.

For more information, visit the official American DJ website.

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