Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats

6th Jun 2014 | 13:57

Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats
Breaking good

DnB Weekend: As part of legendary Moving Shadow hardcore rave act Hyper-On Experience and later as partner to Jay Hurren in jazzy drum ’n’ bass innovators E-Z Rollers, Alex Banks has always been at the cutting edge of DnB.

He took time out to tell us about his favourite classic breakbeats. Click through to read about and hear his selections.

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Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats
The Winstons
Amen, Brother

Amen works because it cuts through every mix and works in everything. It has so much scope for going from ratty-tatty to steppy, you can use it in countless ways and genres. Hear the original break in situ on this impressive-on-its-own recording of the original song.”

Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats
Lyn Collins
Think (About It)

Think has got this insane kick drum which is fantastic. That’s done with like a slightly more distant mic, miked up a little way away from the outside of the drum. The break has an upper- mid-range presence while being totally tight and snappy, and the kick is just enormous.”

Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats
Incredible Bongo Band

These drums were so well-recorded, it lends itself to mid-range boost as well as upper mid-range boost, so it can cut through anything. Because it’s so tight, we can gate it and then saturate it. There’s so much we can do with Apache. The way the bongos are mixed is just beautiful.”

Alex Banks's favourite classic breakbeats
Bobby Byrd
Hot Pants (I'm Coming...)

Now this is another beautiful mix. It uses the classic trick of filling out a drum beat using a tambourine. All these beats are played by people, and they can’t play to 240 parts per quarter-note! So you get the humanity and groove. The kick was recorded a bit wooly, but with a nice tight attack.”

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