Affordable voice changer from Antares

21st Feb 2008 | 10:47

Affordable voice changer from Antares

Ever wished you could sound like someone (or even something) else? Voice Thing! can mess up your vocals big style…

Antares is best known for its high-end vocal processing software – Auto-Tune being the most obvious example – but with Voice Thing!, it’s produced an entry-level product that pretty much everyone can afford.

Featuring an interface that looks more like a comic strip than a bank of tweakable parameters, Voice Thing! enables you to change the character of your voice in a multitude of ways.

It’s designed primarily for online gaming, voice chat, VoIP, video and podcasting – and also simply for having fun with – but could also be useful for musicians who want to add a different kind of vocal effect to their productions.

Features in Voice Thing! include pitchshifting, gender switching and a mutation function that’s said to enable the creation of monstrous, demonic and alternate-species voices. There’s even a ‘translate into alien’ tool, which is sure to appeal to 35-year-old men who live with their parents and watch a lot of Star Trek.

To use Voice Thing!, all you need is a computer running Windows XP or Vista, an application that accepts an audio input and a microphone. Sadly, the software doesn’t appear to work as a plug-in at the moment – which could limit its appeal to musicians – and there’s no Mac version, either.

However, with some powerful, established technology behind it and a price tag of just $34.95, Voice Thing! has got to be worth a look. You can find out more and place an order on the Voice Thing! website.

Just don’t let us catching you using it to make crank phone calls.

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