Addison Groove's favourite music software

26th Jun 2012 | 11:08

Addison Groove's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“Ableton saves lives - or careers for that matter. I can sit in my lab, open it up and have a track finished in four hours’ time thanks to the ease of Ableton. Using it in ReWire with Logic, I am armed and ready to piss off any neighbour with thrust-worthy basslines and strange beats.

A thing I love is that it’s got Akai and MPC grooves built-in, so I can be out in my garden with my top off jacking against my clothes line. POWER!”

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Addison Groove's favourite music software
D16 Nepheton

“What good is life without an 808? Can you answer that? No, thought not. D16 have emulated the 808, and they did a fine job. I made my first release with this thing because it kicks harder than van Persie’s foot.”

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Addison Groove's favourite music software
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

“I’m currently testing the F1 for the good folk at Native Instruments. It controls Traktor, but in a way I’ve never seen before. It will change the way I play my live sets in the future.

“For a while, I have longed for a way to combine my live sets and DJ sets together. I did use The Bridge briefly but kept having sync problems with the 808 - F1 fixes that. I really feel NI have nailed it with the DJ/live crossover.”

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Addison Groove's favourite music software
Abbey Road Brilliance Pack

“Imagine having the best of anything - like the best hat, or the best minestrone soup. Yeah… now imagine having the best EQ. This is that. If this is what it’s like to work at Abbey Road, sign me up and move me in.

This is first class plug-in paraphernalia. It goes on everything and has very simple controls. It’s like the way I work: I find simpler things to be more effective. This smashes it.”

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Addison Groove's favourite music software
Audiorealism ABL2

“Have you ever done too much acid? I did. I saw pink sheep flying inside a church, and Elvis wanted to dance with me. To some that’s just plain odd, yet to some it’s heaven.

The 303, to me, is heaven. You’d hardly be in heaven if you paid the asking price for one, though – and so ABL2 comes to the rescue. I can’t tell the difference in sound from the original, and it drives dancefloors crazy.”

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