4 of the best algorithmic reverb plugins

4th Jul 2014 | 15:44

4 of the best algorithmic reverb plugins
2CAudio Aether

2CAudio is a true master of reverb design, and its flagship, Aether, is surely a contender for greatest reverb ever made, hard or soft. With its extensive control array, under-the-hood randomisation and lush, scintillating sound, it simply doesn’t put a foot wrong.

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4 of the best algorithmic reverb plugins
Eventide Blackhole

A powerful reverb for creative sound design rather than the emulation of anything even approaching realworld spaces. It sounds truly unique, and the morphing Ribbon Controller and Hotswitch enable smooth or sudden transitioning between two complete parameter setups.

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4 of the best algorithmic reverb plugins
UVI SparkVerb

A beefed-up version of a reverb algorithm from its UVI Engine instrument, SparkVerb might put its novel Preset Voyager patch generation system at the top of the marketing blurb, but the real draw is its fabulously musical sound and ease of use.

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4 of the best algorithmic reverb plugins
eaReckon EAReverb

Beautifully laid out and packing seven size variations on its core algorithm, EAReverb is at its best generating small-space ambiences, which it does supremely well. A max decay time of 3.8 seconds does make it something of a specialist proposition, but advanced early reflection controls make up for it.

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For a complete guide to reverb, check out issue 206 of Computer Music magazine.

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