Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal

19th Dec 2011 | 16:10

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal
Win Fret-King guitars

John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd, worldwide trade distributor of Fret-King and Vintage guitars, has signed on as a sponsor of Live and Unsigned - the UK's largest national music competition for original unsigned acts and bands of any style or genre.

As part of this sponsorship deal, JHS will be giving away £2000-worth of the brand new Fret-King Black Label range of electric guitars and basses to the winners of the Live and Unsigned grand final, plus an endorsement deal. Click through the gallery to a get a glimpse of the models that could be yours if you end up taking the Live and Unsigned 2012 title.

With more than 40,000 musicians from across the country entering every year, Live and Unsigned is a stepping stone to stardom for up-and-coming musicians. Go to the Live and Unsigned website to find out more and enter the competition.

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal

The Fret-King Super-matic is the guitar innovation of the decade - a versatile self-tuning six-string electric that actually works.

Featuring the groundbreaking Wilkinson ATD HT440 self-tuning bridge, the Super-matic will tune to standard tuning, DADGAD, open G, drop D - or any other tuning you choose to programme it to.

Just press the operating button, scroll through to the tuning you want, strum the strings, and you'll be there in seconds. Far quicker than doing it yourself, and more accurate too - so you can concentrate on entertaining the crowd while the Super-matic does the work.

Underneath all that, the Super-matic is a great playing, top quality workhorse instrument too, with its forward-thinking design and build quality, and its versatile Hum/Single/Hum pickup configuration.

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal
Black Label

Tradition, blended with boutique design, custom shop quality, pro playability and comfortable individuality.

The Black Label design brief was to prove that it’s possible to create spectacular guitars that are totally acceptable as a real journeyman player’s working tool, fit for the highest profile player on the biggest arena stage in the world - and yet affordable to all.

We love a challenge, so challenge yourself. You’ll be amazed at how far we’ve raised the bar.

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal
Blue Label

Guitars designed in earlier days have all the limitations we’ve learned to work around. Those early models, which were benchmarks of their day, were created by the innovators of their time, who were always looking to improve their inventions.

They’d love what’s possible today. Fret-King Blue Label gives you exactly what you’re comfortable with, with cool body shapes and great design, using the kind of hardware and electronics innovations and improvements we know those early pioneers would have approved of, but so subtly blended in you hardly even notice the traditional gremlins have been banished.

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal
Green Label

Each year we create a limited number of hand-crafted guitars in the Fret-King UK workshop. So subtly nuanced, these traditional designs feel like the “go-to” guitar you’ve played every day for 50 years, but imbued with modern reliability and all the benefits of Trev’s decades of knowledge of hardware, pickup design, fit and finish.

Exclusive, yet attainable, whatever high-end guitar you thought you were going to buy, avoid disappointment, and try the best first. Fret-King Green Label.

Win Fret-King guitars worth £2,000 plus an endorsement deal

Fret-King’s design capabilities, created personally by Trev Wilkinson in the Fret-King atelier, these one-off instruments stride the boundary between guitars and art, with off-the-wall cosmetics, mind-blowing configurations, tonal capabilities that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, and playability to die for.

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