Warwick updates Nobby Meidel bass for 2008

19th Feb 2008 | 14:36

Warwick updates Nobby Meidel bass for 2008

Headless wonder gets a modern-day makeover...

25 years after its launch as the first Warwick production bass, the Nobby Meidel model is back with updated features.

The headless four-string features a new Wilferite ball-end holder, a zero fret and complex sandwich body construction with a birdseye poplar top, maple middle section and wenge back.

The neck is also wenge with a masple stripe and wenge fretboard. In the electronics department, significant upgrades come in the shape of active MEC twin Jazz and Jazz-style pickups, paired with an active MEC three-band preamp.

Each bass comes shipped with a special bass stand amongst other case candy and retails for £2329 in the UK.

For the full history of Warwick’s first ever bass design and to find out exactly who Nobby Meidel is, visit the official Warwick website.

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