Vox announces Joe Satriani delay pedal

8th Dec 2008 | 10:39

Vox announces Joe Satriani delay pedal

The Time Machine is unveiled

Hot on the hot heels of the Satchurator distortion pedal is the Time Machine, a new Joe Satriani signature delay pedal from Vox.

Designed in conjunction with the guitarist, vintage and modern modes and a hi-fi/lo-fi switch should guarantee an abundance of delay sounds.

As you might expect, the modern setting summons up a hi-fidelity digital delay sound, while the vintage setting uses gentle modulation and saturation to simulate a classic tape echo.

Meanwhile, the hi-fi/lo-fi switch is the key to unlocking Satriani's custom tone. Hi-fi mode is transparent, while lo-fi mode combines both high-pass and low-pass filters adjusted precisely to Joe's taste. Vox says this means that "Your guitar sound will blend naturally in the mix – without obscuring or interfering with the other players."

In addition, 30ms slapback to nearly six full seconds (5,800ms) of delay, a tap tempo control and independent wet and dry stereo outputs make for a pretty comprehensive package.

The time machine should materialise in early 2009. Visit the official Vox site for more.

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