VIDEO: PRS JA-15 & Knaggs Chena Tier 3 demo

11th Jan 2013 | 11:45

VIDEO: PRS JA-15 & Knaggs Chena Tier 3 demo

An exclusive video demo of just two incumbents of the huge feature within the latest issue of Guitarist magazine that focuses on the humble semi-acoustic

The February issue of Guitarist magazine is on sale 11 January and here's a look at the exclusive video demo of both guitars.

Issue 364 of Guitarist features a 10-page article that celebrates the semi-acoustic guitar. Among the subjects covered covers is the evolution of the semi, a look at some of the greatest semi players and a guide to which models to buy and why.

Backing all this up is an exclusive review of two of the best semi-acoustics available on the market today, the PRS JA-15 and the Chena Tier 3 from Knaggs, guitars that also grace the mag's cover.

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