VIDEO: Me and my guitar with Ghost B.C.

31st Dec 2013 | 12:50

VIDEO: Me and my guitar with Ghost B.C.

Total Guitar catches up with a Nameless Ghoul from Swedish heavy metallers Ghost B.C. backstage to talk through his custom Gibson RD model.

Swedish sextet Ghost (or Ghost B.C. as they're known in the U.S) aren't just bringing back a much needed sense of mystique and theatrics to heavy metal, their two Nameless Ghoul guitarists are also reviving interest in Gibson's somewhat obscure RD model.

Originally launched in 1977, the RD fuses the designs of Gibson's Firebird and Explorer models. Total Guitar met up with the lead guitar playing (and the band's main musical composer) Nameless Ghoul to find out more about his unique white custom version.

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