VIDEO: Kings Of Leon's guitar rigs revealed

27th Apr 2009 | 11:48

VIDEO: Kings Of Leon's guitar rigs revealed

See Caleb and Matthew's guitars, amps and FX

If you're a member of the illustrious Followill clan - brother, cousin, great aunt - chances are you'll be involved with Kings Of Leon to some degree.

Next to the band themselves, perhaps the best-known member of the family is guitar tech Christopher 'Nacho' Followill, an easy-going, laid-back sort who also happens to be a dead ringer for Malcolm Young circa 1980.

During sound check in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nacho took MusicRadar on a private tour of Caleb and Matthew's guitar rigs and axe arsenals (including Caleb's prized Gibson 325, a stunning workhorse instrument that bears the unmistakable marks of the singer-guitarist's ferocious, percussive style of strumming).

Oh, and you might be asking yourself, "How did he get the nickname 'Nacho'?" Watch the video to find out.

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