VIDEO: EVH 5150-III 50W guitar amplifier demo

15th Mar 2012 | 12:15

VIDEO: EVH 5150-III 50W guitar amplifier demo

Five sounds from Eddie Van Halen's latest signature amp

With Van Halen on the road on a huge US tour this year, it's fitting that we take a look at the latest version of the main man's signature amp.

We've described the genesis of Ed's legendary 'brown' sound on many occasions over the years, so it's a little ironic that this new EVH unashamedly sports a Fender 'F' logo as part of its livery. While Ed has always been a Fender fan, and the 1967 Marshall SLPEd used to redefine rock guitar tone had Fender Bassman in its DNA, the latter's 6L6 power stage isn't necessarily one you'd expect to provide Van Halen's heavily saturated gain toneā€¦

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