VIDEO: Alter Bridge's live rig revealed (exclusive)

2nd Dec 2010 | 09:08

VIDEO: Alter Bridge's live rig revealed (exclusive)

Myles Kennedy shows off the band's guitar gear

Following interviews with Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, frontman Myles Kennedy and Guitarist magazine's track-by-track review of the band's massive riff-laden third album, AB III, we're finally going backstageā€¦

Courtesy of AB's label Roadrunner Records, this UK exclusive video goes behind the scenes of the band's rehearsal space in Orlando, Florida. See Myles Kennedy's Mesa/Boogie Mk IV head and pedalboard, Mark Tremonti's "NASA gone bad" rig including a Bogner Uberschall head and Mesa Dual Rec, and find out why the guitarist needs no less than eight PRS Mark Tremonti Specialsā€¦ we could go on. Just watch the video.

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