Three to get ready: Analogue Delay pedals

25th Jul 2012 | 11:29

Three to get ready: Analogue Delay pedals
From entry level to exotica...

Warm-sounding and vintage-vibed, analogue delays make up in character what they lack in long delay times. Many models, such as Way Huge’s powerful Aqua Puss stompbox, can produce wild avalanches of sound when you crank the feedback dial all the way up – making them less clinical and more chaotic than digital delays if you want to summon up a psychedelic whirlwind of sound.

Analog delays can also make a useful addition to your pedal board if you want to nail those splashy fifties slapback echo sounds. The ones we’ve picked here aren’t the only good ones on the market - but these make great starting points if you’re looking to buy…

Three to get ready: Analogue Delay pedals
Budget: Joyo JF33 Analog Delay
MSRP £39

Cool analogue delay sounds don’t come much cheaper than this – and the Joyo punches well above its weight tone wise.

This inexpensive delay does add a little extra treble to your tone when the effect is engaged but it’ll do everything from short ‘bathtub’ echoes to longer, dub-like delays that decay in a crumbly, lo-fi way. Its maximum delay time of 440ms is also longer than that found on many premium models.

Also consider:Akai Analog Delay for even longer delay times of up to 1.2 seconds

More information:

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Three to get ready: Analogue Delay pedals
Benchmark: Way Huge Aqua Puss MKII
MSRP £229

Way Huge are known for making effects with big personalities – and their Aqua Puss analogue delay is no exception.

With a maximum delay time of 300ms, it’s not designed to do massive, spacey delays – but its warm, vintage sound and powerful controls are instantly likeable.

Turn up the feedback dial and you can tap into cascades of wild, self-oscillating delay that sound like a flying saucer taking off. With solid build quality and great sounds, the Aqua Puss is a minor classic.

Also consider: MXR Carbon Copy for extra modulation options, such as subtle pitch shift

More information:

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Three to get ready: Analogue Delay pedals
Boutique: JAM Delay Llama Plus
MSRP £269

A genuinely ‘boutique’ take on analogue delay, the Llama Plus has all the tweakable, authentic features tone-geeks crave.

With a hefty 600ms of delay on tap, it’s built to ‘bucket brigade’ spec, featuring internals that replicate the Panasonic MN3205 delay chip found in many classic vintage delays.

It also can be used in conjunction with an expression pedal to alter delay time on the fly, while the Llama Plus also features a built-in ‘infinite oscillation’ hold switch that keeps the echoes rolling with ear-warping intensity. It adds up to a classy and powerful pedal, albeit at a premium price.

Also consider: Endangered Audio AD4096 for similarly tweakable oscillation and feedback controls

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