The Kinks' Ray Davies joins The Kooks onstage

18th Aug 2008 | 10:59

The Kinks' Ray Davies joins The Kooks onstage

Band play Victoria at V Festival 2008

The Kinks' main man Ray Davies joined The Kooks onstage at V Festival in Chelmsford, UK this weekend. They played a 'speeded-up' version of The Kinks' 1969 track Victoria, with Davies on rhythm guitar and shared vocals with King Kook Luke Pritchard.

At the time of writing, no camera phone-wielding reveller has recovered enough to post any footage on YouTube. But, Victoria has been a regular fixture on The Kooks' set-list for some time, so you can watch it here instead.

Brighton's finest seemingly met The Kinks legend while recording their second album at Davies' London studio Konk. Being a fan of all things beginning with K, they named it Konk too. It's a shame they didn't record it at Abbey Road, that would have been a great name for an album.

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