Six Of The Best: Wah pedals

3rd Oct 2012 | 16:02

Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
Jam Wahcko Plus

Fetchingly adorned wah with high-quality vintage components and six selectable frequency ranges. Treadle tension can be adjusted, while the wah also has a handy LED on/off indicator.

Pros: Six sweep ranges; adjustable treadle stiffness; quality components

Cons: No markings to indicate sweep position; expensive

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Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
Plutoneium Chi- Wah-Wah Bass

Bass version of the popular miniature Chi-Wah-Wah guitar pedal, with input level, contour and gain controls. It’s deep, full and includes fast tracking for its spring-loaded footplate.

Pros: Robust build; compact size; classic-to-excessive wah sounds

Cons: Best secured to a pedalboard due to its small size


Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
T-Rex Gull Wah

A stylish wah, which, unusually, has been modelled on the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, and operates using a magnetic system instead of mechanical parts. It features two different wah options and Move Hotspot, Slope and boost controls.

Pros: Streamlined looks; versatile controls; choice of wahs

Cons: Expensive; lackinf classic sounds; hot boost


Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
Mission Engineering Rewah Pro

Tone-switchable wah built around a custom inductor with properties similar to the fabled halo components of vintage wahs. Rewirable with four different switchable circuit modifications, it has gain control, extended bandwidth and adjustable Q.

Pros: Pro components, mod- friendly; good control over tone

Cons: We haven’t played one – yet

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Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
Vox V846 Hand- Wired Wah Pedal

A reworking of the legendary V846 wah pedal used by the likes of Jimi and SRV. Hand-wired, quality components, vintage voicing and true bypass add up to a wah for tone purists.

Pros: Great build quality; classic sound, true bypass; see-through bottom plate

Cons: No mains power option


Six Of The Best: Wah pedals
Dunlop SC95 Slash Cry Baby Classic

Slash’s latest signature wah, this time with no onboard distortion, but it does have on/off LED indicators and a snazzy distressed finish. Its voicing is aimed towards classic and hard rock styles.

Pros: Cool look; good performance; nice price

Cons: Tonal range not really suited to funk styles


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