Six of the best: summer strummers

12th Jun 2013 | 10:00

Six of the best: summer strummers
Sigma SDM-15

This Korean-made, solid- mahogany dreadnought-style electro-acoustic is an awful lot of guitar for the money. It’s also fitted with a Fishman Sonitone pickup as standard.

We said: “Simple beauty, sonic personality, fuss-free operation and great price – it’s very hard to find a downside here”


Official Sigma website

Six of the best: summer strummers
Martin GPCPA5K

This Grand Performance-shaped, cutaway Performing Artist series electro-acoustic sports a koa- laminate body, Stratabond neck and Richlite fingerboard, and certainly deviates from the classic template. But it still bears the Martin name – which remains a byword for quality.

We said: “A capable all-rounder with good plugged-in performance, easy playability, a great neck and easy tone”


Official Martin website

Six of the best: summer strummers
Mariner Capstan

This bijou grand concert-sized, all- solid acoustic with classical-style slotted headstock has a crisply textured voice, and it’s very playable. The guitar is designed in the UK, but Chinese construction ensures good value, too.

We said: “Mariner is still a new name in the affordable market, but the Capstan is a fine fingerstyle-friendly performer”


Official Mariner website

Six of the best: summer strummers
Seagull Entourage Grand Rustic

The parlour-size Entourage Grand Rustic may be diminutive, but its 14-frets-to-the-body design delivers a balanced, intimate voice, ideal for late-night, around- the-dinner-table sessions.

We said: “The Grand is virtually a travel guitar in size, but its full scale and balanced tonality are perfect for both home and recording use”


Official Seagull website

Six of the best: summer strummers
Takamine EG50TH Anniversary

This cutaway electro-acoustic dreadnought catches the eye with a decorated pickguard and ‘growing vine leaf’ mother-of- pearl fingerboard inlay. Sonically, it’s rich, with good depth and sustain, and a clear top-end.

We said: “A slice of the extraordinary, without the matching hiked price tag – an excellent all-rounder”


Official Takamine website

Six of the best: summer strummers
Vintage Paul Brett VE8000PB

Based on the Weymann 12-string parlour acoustic belonging to collector Paul Brett, this six-string acoustic with Fishman Acoustic Matrix VT system is a seriously impressive guitar that’s great for blues and fingerpicking styles.

We said: “Its harmonic detail and sheer playability make it a superb fingerpicker, and an exceptional example of a parlour guitar”


Official Vintage website

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