SC Electric Guitar is another virtual Strat

30th Apr 2008 | 14:28

SC Electric Guitar is another virtual Strat

Play this unreal six-string until your fingers bleed…

Prominy’s SC Electric Guitar is the latest software instrument to emulate a Fender Stratocaster. It follows in the tracks of MusicLab’s RealStrat, which made its debut late in 2007.

The new software is powered by Native Instruments’ Kontakt 2 Player engine and ships with a 64GB library (this equates to more than 123,000 samples). SC Electric Guitar can be played in real-time, and all five pick-positions of the original guitar can be reproduced.

Other feature highlights include an extensive selection of pre-recorded chord samples, auto stroke detection, feedback, assignable key switching, double-tracking and picking noises for all the frets and strings.

Given that this is a piece of software, the audio demos sound pretty good to us: could this be the ultimate Strat solution for non guitar players? SC Guitar runs standalone and as a VST, AU, DX and RTAS plug-in on Mac and PC. It costs $399.

Find out more at the Prominy website.

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