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2nd Sep 2007 | 10:37

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar
Special Offers

Special Offers and Clearance Deals at Red Dog Music

sE Electronics H1 condenser mic - Buy Now for £99

Squier SA100 Acoustic Guitar Pack - Buy Now for £79.99

Korg Nano Bundle with FREE Nano Bag and Nano hub - Buy Now for £149.57

Boss AC3 Acoustic Simulator pedal - Buy Now for £93

Hofner Verythin CT VSB guitar- Buy Now for £349

Line 6 Pod XT - Buy Now for £219.01

Marshall TSL 601 combo amp - Buy Now for £826

Squier Standard Strat guitar - Rosewood, Candy Apple Red - Buy Now for £149

Roland Juno D M Synthesiser - Buy Now for £399

Korg MR1 portable recorder - Buy Now for £219.01

Native Instruments Battery 3 sampler - Buy Now for £79.99

Akai APC40 controller - Buy Now for £379

Peavey Audio Performer Pack - PA system - Buy Now for £239

More special offers from Red Dog Music

Pictured: Danelectro Dano 63 - Buy Now from Red Dog Music for £99 (Read review)

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar
About Red Dog Music

About Red Dog Music

Red Dog Music is Edinburgh's largest general music store, with over 5,000 square feet of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, studio recording gear, computer music, lighting, pa equipment, percussion and loads more.

We stock all of the big brands and loads of the small ones, have private demo rooms with mirrors for practising embarrassing guitar moves, analog synths wired up and ready to squeal, murals on the walls, loads of funky lights and an extremely comfortable sofa if you get bored of all the musical equipment and just want to sit down.

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Pictured: KRK RP8 G2. Buy Now for from Red Dog Music for £199.50

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar
Laptop Bag Offer

Free Laptop Bag Offer

Readers of Future Music can get a FREE Novation Laptop Bag with every order from Red Dog Music.

Quote the reference: FMOFFER when ordering.

Pictured: American Standard Stratocaster- Buy Now from Red Dog Music for £799 - Buy before Sept 30th and get a free Fender Champion 600 amp. (Read review)

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar
Take the Survey - win £100

Take the Red Dog Music survey by clicking here, and you could be in with the chance of wining £100 of vouchers.

Picture: Fender Elvis Costello Jazzmaster - Buy Now from Red Dog Music for 1049.99 (Read review)

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar
Company History

Company History

Red Dog Music was formed in May 2008 by former management of Sound Control and Turnkey, previously the UK's largest musical instrument and technology retailers. Frustrated by the general direction of musical instrument shops, we decided that we'd start our own and run it in the way we think music shops should be run.

We are defiantly independent - there are no suited bankers or boards of directors telling us what we should and should not do - and the store is both owned and run by musicians.

As active musicians ourselves, we hold a passionate belief that musical instruments should not be treated like any other commodity - companies that sell guitars as if they are televisions are completely missing the point - and we stay central to the local Edinburgh music scene, sponsoring nights, helping musicians get gigs, and gigging ourselves in various different bands (from indie to techno to country and everything in between!). (Read more)

Pictured: sE Electronics SE2200A - Buy Now from Red Dog Music for £119.99. (Read Review)

Red Dog Music on MusicRadar

Contact Red Dog Music

Addresss: 1 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HY

Tel: 0131 229 8211


Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 9.30pm-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

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