Queen Don't Stop Me Now remix competition

14th Nov 2011 | 11:45

Queen Don't Stop Me Now remix competition

Download the stem files and get to work

If you're a shy and retiring studio type and don't fancy being part of The Queen Extravaganza, how about reworking one of the band's most famous tracks?

Queen and social media platform Talenthouse have announced a Don't Stop Me Now remix competition, with budding producers being offered the chance to download the original stem files of the 1979 hit.

This is the first time that Queen have released stem files, and we're sure they'll make for fascinating listening for fans of the band. The closing date for remix entries is 13 December.

Go to the Talenthouse website to find out more about the Don't Stop Me Now remix competition: two winners will be selected (one by, among other people, Brian May and Roger Taylor and another by public vote) and there are various prizes for each.

Here are the all-important stem files:

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