Protection Racket debuts new guitar cases

29th Apr 2008 | 00:32

Protection Racket debuts new guitar cases
Protection Racket guitar case
You're covered
Protection Racket debuts new guitar cases
Protection Racket guitar case
Bumps in the road, no problem

New cases feature exclusive 'Rocket Foam' padding

Life is tough. Life on the road, even tougher. But there is something you can do to make things easier on both you and your instrument. You can buy a little Protection.

The new line of guitar cases from Protection Racket are designed to give you the confidence that your prized guitar has maximum protection. Central to the construction of the cases is Protection Racket's exclusive "Rocket Foam" padding which not only deflects shock from its outer layers, but also absorbs shock on its inner layers to ensure knocks and vibrations don't reach the instrument.

All the guitar cases are manufactured using rugged Racketex, Protection Racket's high-abrasion resistance, 100% waterproof polyester that won't fade, crack or shrink. They are also made to exacting standards to ensure every attention to detail such as extra strong zips, luggage tags, heavy duty stitching and webbing.

The new guitar cases come in two ranges:

Deluxe range:
Outer Padding 26mm Rocket Foam
7150 Electric
7151 Bass
7152 Classic
7153 Acoustic
7154 Acoustic bass

Classic range:
Outer Padding 20mm Rocket Foam
7050 Electric
7051 Bass
7052 Classic
7053 Acoustic
7054 Acoustic bass

For more information, such as pricing, visit the official Protection Racket website.

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