Pro Tone FX team with Jason Becker

1st Jul 2008 | 11:15

Pro Tone FX team with Jason Becker

New pedal recreates Perpetual Burn tones

The story of '80s shred pioneer Jason Becker is one of the most unfortunate in rock guitar, but although he can no longer speak or use his hands, Becker is working with Pro Tone Pedals on a new FX unit.

The Perpetual Burn Distortion aims to recreate the tones of Becker's cult 1988 album Perpetual Burn, in a dual channel, all analog design. Channel 1 will consist of a modified version of the distortion pedal favored by Jason at the time. Channel 2 will house an analog emulation of the two amplifiers Jason preferred to use at the time melded into one circuit. Modern shredder Rusty Cooley will help test the pedal during development.

The pedal will debut on 1 September, with a list price of $289.

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