Play Guitar Like Dimebag Darrell app available now!

9th Jan 2013 | 13:59

Play Guitar Like Dimebag Darrell app available now!

Master the Pantera legend's riffs with new app

Undoubtedly one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time, Dimebag Darrell's pioneering riffery with Pantera and Damageplan is still a huge influence on metal guitar today.

To help players looking for an introduction to Dimebag's style and approach, TG has created Play Guitar Like Dimebag Darrell, a brand-new app for iPad.

The app teaches users to play in the style of Dimebag with a combination of video lessons, tab and backing tracks covering the most important rhythm and lead techniques.

You also get recommended amp and pedal settings for nailing Dime's punishing tone, plus a buyer's guide full of recommended gear for all budgets. As a bonus, classic album reviews and biographical information tell the story behind the man and the music.

Download the Total Guitar app now to purchase Play Guitar Like Dimebag Darrell for just £1.49.

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