NAMM 2014: Fargen Amps launches new product line

14th Jan 2014 | 20:39

NAMM 2014: Fargen Amps launches new product line
NAMM 2014: Fargen Amps launches new product line
Above: Jazz Custom SE

NAMM 2014: To celebrate Fargen Custom Shop's 15th year in business, the company is debuting three new models at the upcoming Winter NAMM show.


Fargen has announced two new additions to its standard retail line. Its first jazz amp is presented in a lightweight grab and go combo that weighs under 25 pounds, and offers pure tube tone. Fargen has developed its first ever tube/ solid state hybrid design.

Jazz Custom SE

The brand new Fargen Jazz Custom SE combo features a pure high voltage hand-wired tube preamp feeding an ultra-efficient lightweight 50W class D power amp, through two ultra-efficient 8" full range speakers. Now, jazz guitar players, and any player needing great clean headroom tone, can have pure boutique tube amp tones in a super lightweight and compact design. This amp brings fresh new traditional vintage & modern jazz-style tones inspired by the classic 60's blackface all-tube preamp architecture. MSRP $1,599.

New compact 2 x 8" combo amp design

Front panel bright switch

SoZo Bluemold vintage style capacitors

Fargen Custom Shop resistors

1/8″ aluminum chassis

Dimensions: 20”W X 17”H X 10″D

Weight: 22lbs.

Output Power: 50 watts

4 and 8 ohm output taps

Tube Complement (2) 12AX7

Class: D power amp

Front Panel Layout & Equalization: volume, bright switch, treble, mid, bass

NAMM 2014: Fargen Amps launches new product line
Townhouse 20

The Townhouse 20 is the new "gig ready" edition to the Fargen Amps lineup for Winter 2014. Following on the success of the micro-sized class A Townhouse 5 watt head (released at Summer NAMM 2013), the Townhouse 20 sports a new 2 x 6V6 20-watt power amp in a brand new compact 1 x 12" grab-and-gig compact combo design, while offering hand-built, made in the USA boutique tube amp quality and tone.

The two-way Decade Switch features a 50′s setting with vintage tweed-inspired tones, and a 60′s setting inspired by brownface tones. The Townhouse 20 is like two-amps-in-one, at a reasonable price considering its boutique essence. MSRP $1,599.

20 watt 2 x 6V6 power amp

2 x 12AX7 preamp design

GZ34 rectifier

Controls: Vol Decade Tone Master

16g aluminum chassis

Mercury custom vintage replica transformers

Fargen Custom shop carbon comp resistors

SoZo Vintage signal capacitors

New vintage compact style combo aesthetics

Hand wired vintage layout and construction

NAMM 2014: Fargen Amps launches new product line
High Gain Classic 50

Limited edition in red/white/blue. Ben Fargen has pulled out all the stops and rolled 15 years of high-gain Custom Shop builds into this 15-piece exclusive run of amplifiers. Classic rock through pure molten metal lava only scratches the tonal surface of what this modern masterpiece can achieve. Classic 3 x 12AX7 preamp gain staging, 12AX7 tube buffered FX loop with true bypass switch, foot switchable dual master volume coupled with a 50 watt classic 2 x 6CA4/EL34 power amp makes for the ultimate powerhouse amp head.

The High Gain Classic 50 is available on the Fargen website and at select authorized dealers, in red, white or blue tolex, with Fargen producing five of each color. MSRP $3,499.

12AX7 tube buffered FX loop with true bypass switch,

Foot switchable dual master volume (rhythm/lead)

Custom 50W transformer set

SoZo vintage style mustard capacitors

Fargen Custom Shop resistors

DC Filaments for ultra-quiet operation

1/8″ aluminum chassis for the true vintage British amp sound

Color options:

Vintage elephant red (5)

Vintage bone (5)

Vintage deep blue (5)


Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 10"

Weight: 38lbs.

Output Power: 50 watts

Tube Complement: (4) 12AX7, (2) 6CA7/EL34

Will also run KT66,KT77,6550,6L6

Class – Push Pull AB (Vintage Plexi )

Front Panel Layout & Equalization – Volume, Master 1, Master 2, Treble, Bass, Mid, Presence

For more information, visit Fargen Amps.

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