NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals

29th Jan 2014 | 16:45

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Stomp boxes galore

NAMM 2014: Every year an avalanche of new stomp boxes are unveiled in Anaheim.

The sheer number of pedals involved is staggering, and more than a little bewildering for guitarists on the hunt for some shiny new effects to add to their rig.

But fear not! MusicRadar is here to help in this trying time - we're nice like that - and we've rounded up our pick of the best effects pedals released over the last week.

So click through our gallery to find out which pedals caught our eye - and ear - at this year's NAMM Show...

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Eventide H9 Core

The original Eventide H9 may have offered access to the firm's incredible effects algorithms at a fraction of their hardware price (initially bundled with the pedal and then with expandable options through an online store) , but it still cost the best part of £500/$600.

The H9 Core loses the bundled algorithms allowing you to custom pick and purchase your own effects set, one at a time, from a lower starting price.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Sonuus Voluum

The Sonuus Voluum makes a star of the humble volume pedal, with a huge range of customisation and extra effects combinations that could prove truly inspiring - and, more importantly, lots of fun.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
EHX Satisfaction

The name rather succinctly illustrates the 'Stones-y tone you can expect from this pedal and we have absolute faith in EHX's ability to get the job done simply and intuitively.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Way Huge Swollen Pickle

The now Dunlop-owned Way Huge makes incredible products, and the Swollen Pickle is among it's most revered. This eye-catching, miniaturised version of the classic fuzz could take pride of place on any board.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Bogner Lyndhurst

Normally, you shouldn't let yourself get sold on a name, but when that name is Rupert Neve, you pay attention. The mixing desk/EQ master designed the transformer components for Bogner's new range, including this compressor, so we're expecting beautiful analogue tones with a hint of grit.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Echoplex Preamp

Similar to the aforementioned Lyndhurst, Dunlops new Echoplex preamp takes a classic analogue element from a larger unit and encases it in a stompbox.

It loses the echo effects, but keeps the sweet-sounding preamp - adored by everyone from Duane Allman to Jimmy Page.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Beigel Sound Lab Tru-Tron 3X

The Mu-Tron III envelope filter was one of those pedals that proved so flexible and musical that all manner of musicians - from guitarists, to bassists and keyboardists - incorporated it into their sound. The Tru-Tron 3X sees the original inventor, Mike Beigel, recreate it for the modern age.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Suhr Rufus

Another NAMM, another 100 fuzz pedals hit the market.

We like the look of the Suhr Rufus, though: it promises a wide palette of tones, a three-band EQ, plus a neat switching system, which lets you hold down the footswitch to move between normal and fat modes.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Studio Devil/Atomic Amps Amplifire

Atomic Amps is known for its clean monitoring, whereas Studio Devil plugins have a reputation for excellent tone and value for money, so this hardware floor modelling unit marrying the two is an exciting prospect indeed - especially when you consider the software expansion options.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Keeley FTW-109

A 'wah fuzz creation interface', the FTW-109 offers a tweak-able filter combined with a fuzz and we're betting the noise creation options will be significant

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe

The bells and whistles Echolution delay was a hit in the office the first time around (read our Pigtronix Echolution review), so we're really intrigued to see what Pigtronix has brought to the table in this luxurious overhaul.

NAMM 2014: best new effects pedals
EHX Lumberjack

We're not super strong on the maths behind it, but this logarithmic overdrive promises an enhanced response to the dynamics of the player, meaning the tone really will be in your fingers...

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