NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed

28th Jan 2014 | 09:55

NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey Vypyr Pro 100

NAMM 2014: Peavey was showing off a ton of desirable new gear this year's NAMM Show, including new Vypyrs and much more besides.

The Pro 100 (above) is an upgraded version of the Vypyr. The wide array of functions now included allows you to create a tailor-made sound.

The main innovation of the Vypyr 100 is centred around a new feature which allows you to chain up to 4 amps at once, with each amp designed to accommodate stomp boxes, effects in racks and more.

The amp still calls on Peavey's Trans Tube technology to produce those all-important valve-style tones. The back of the unit shows off the huge number of outputs that make the Vypyr Pro 100 a flexible amp full of applications for gigging and recording alike.

For more information on this model, please vite Peavey official website.

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NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey MiniMega

Here we take a look at the first of Peavey's three new bass amps, the MiniMega, an extremely compact unit packing a mighty 1000 watts.

The MiniMega incorporates Peavey's KOSMOS technology that enhances the low frequency response. Also to be found on board are a compressor and a 4-band EQ with semi-parametric mids to give you absolute tonal control.

The MiniMega also features a Gain control and a Punch switch to give things a bit of extra bite.

For a complete list of specs please visit Peavey official website.

NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey MiniMax

Another compact unit, the MiniMax packs 400 watts in a relatively tiny package.

Best suited to rocking the hell out, pushed hard and in combination with the Trans Tube preamp, the MiniMax is actually a bit of a beast.

Find out more about the MiniMax on Peavey's official website.

NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey HeadLiner

The Headliner amp has been built with the serious pro bassist in mind.

Available rack-mounted and with a graphic EQ placed at the centre of the unit, the Headliner is all about control, giving bassists plenty of scope to tinker with their tone and ensure they cut through the mix in live situations.

Check out Peavey's official website for more information on the Headliner.

NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey ReValver 4

The ReValver software has undergone a series of upgrades, starting with a complete refurbishment of its audio engine.

The ReValver 4 is based on three different technologies: the GIG mode gives access to 8 different presets that can be switched around in live situations. The software also offers a new PedalBoard mode, which will have you setting up effects chain in a few clicks.

The ACT technology (Audio Cloning Technology) alters the input signal to help keep noisy instruments under control and produce a clean signal fit for recording at the output.

Finally comes the RIR2, which puts the finishing touches on the whole thing, allowing you to select the size of your cab as well as select and position a mic. Peavey has also recently opened a ReValver Amp Store where you can further expand your ReValver selection.

NAMM 2014: All the new Peavey gear revealed
Peavey XR-AT

Finally comes the XR-AT mixer whichintegrates Peavey's Antares Auto-Tune technology.

Three channels are enhanced with Antares Auto-Tune technology, giving mix engineers the ability to correct pitch in a live situation, which is clearly going to be handy for some singers out there.

Find out more about the XR-AT on Peavey's official website.

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