NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear

29th Jan 2013 | 08:29

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
NAMM 2013: The aftermath
Check out our pick of the best guitar gear this year

So that was NAMM 2013. Still in shock? We don't blame you. It's no small task to keep track of everything that arrived over the course of the show, but luckily we're here to guide you through.

As happens every year, all the big boys had plenty to show - Fender launched an acoustic custom shop alongside a ton of new Custom Shop electrics, new American Vintage bass models and plenty more beside. Gibson launched its 2013 line-up and showcased the MIN-E-Tune system, while also giving us plenty of high-end guitars to drool over (hello, Joe Perry '59 Les Paul).

Marshall unveiled its latest collaboration with Slash, the SL5, and Taylor unveiled a new body shape. There were three new Boss pedals, what felt like several thousand new Jackson models and the return of some classic Guild electric shapes.

Amp heads had plenty to get excited about too, with the return of legendary brand Magnatone, the Kemper Profiling Rack and Orange's new DIVO VT1000 valve tester all making an appearance.

But enough from us. Click through for our look at this year's highlights, and don't be shy in letting us know what your pick of NAMM 2013 was.

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Gibson Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul
One mighty fine '59 (replica)

It might be the wrong side of ten grand for most of us, but there’s no denying that Gibson’s faithful recreation of the Aerosmith guitarists primary rock machine is a thing of beauty.

NAMM 2013: Gibson introduces Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Slash Marshall SL-5
Small but sweet

When perma-hatted axe warrior Slash gets together with Marshall, the results are usually mightily impressive, and the new SL-5 looks to continue the now fine tradition of ass-kicking Slash signature amps.

NAMM 2013: Marshall debuts SL5 Slash Signature combo

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Fender Acoustic Custom Shop Newporter
Kinky beast

Among the new Fender acoustic Custom Shop models, one caught our eye in particular, the Pro Custom Shop Newporter. It’s probably got something to do with our long-held ambition to become Ray Davies, but it doesn’t hurt that this is one extremely pretty - and kinda Kinky – acoustic.

NAMM: Fender launches acoustic Custom Shop

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Schecter Hellwin series
The antichrist's amplifier

The signature amp of Synyster Gates, six-string slinger for Avenged Sevenfold, the Hellwin looks like it was commissioned by Lucifer for a gig in hell. Imagine what it sounds like…

NAMM 2013: Schecter unleashes Hellwin series

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Corey Beaulieu Jackson USA Signature KV6 and KV7
CAUTION: This guitar bites

Corey Beaulieu wasn’t mucking around when he sat down to design hi signature Jackson KV6 and KV7. Just look at it. It’ll have you arm off if you’re not careful.

NAMM 2013: Jackson unveils 20 new models

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Magnatone Returns
Return of the Mag

It’s always good to see a once-great brand resurrected, and they don’t come much greater than Magnatone, once used by the likes of Buddy Holly and Neil young, and about to return to the fray. We can’t wait to get our paws on one.

NAMM 2013: Legendary amp brand Magnatone returns

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Guild Starfire
Starry, starry night

The return of some of Guild’s most loved electric guitar shapes meant a sharp intake of breathe round there parts, as we all instantly pictured ourselves cradling a brand new Starfire III. Beautiful.

NAMM 2013: Classic Guild electrics return

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Orange DIVO VT1000
This is not a test

There was much anticipation in the lead up to Orange’s debut NAMM keynote, and you might be forgiven for being a little underwhelmed by the announcement itself – after all, a valve tester is hardly the sexiest product going. But have no doubt, the VT1000 is going to come in very, very handy…

NAMM 2013: Orange launches DIVO VT1000

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Kemper Profiler Rack
Quite the box of tricks

Is there anything this delicious green box can’t do? The answer is, basically, no. Every head, cabinet, combo and effect you can think of has been profiled and stored in this amp from the future.

NAMM 2013: Kemper amps demo the Kemper Profiler Rack

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Fender Mando-Strat
It'll folk your face off

Gather round you folkies and listen good: it’s all very well strumming your mandolin at the odd barndance, but if you want to really mix it up you’re going to need one of these. Playing behind your head optional.

NAMM 2013: Fender launches Mando-Strat

NAMM 2013: the best new guitar gear
Roland hits a ton
Three new Boss pedals marked the big 100 for the range

Roland rolled out three new Boss stomp boxes for your aural pleasure over in Aneheim, and we're pretty keen to get our hands on them. The Tear-Echo sounds like a whole lot of reverb-y fun, while the Multi-Overtone and Adaptive Distortion could clearly keep us entertained for several hours...

NAMM 2013: Roland announces three new Boss pedals

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