NAMM 2013: live highlights

28th Jan 2013 | 11:25

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Winter NAMM 2013, 24-27 January
It's on

NAMM 2013: The 2013 Winter NAMM show is upon us, which means that, over the next few days, we’re going to find out what the biggest guitar, drum and hi-tech music making gear manufacturers are planning to release this year.

As always, MusicRadar is on the floor at the convention centre in Anaheim California, seeking out the products that matter and bringing you news, photos and video.

What’s more, our team in the UK is scouring the press feeds so that you won’t miss any of the hottest releases.

Keep checking back here for all the latest news as we update this gallery as the big stories break.

On, then, with the show…

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Moog Sub Phatty
"The grittiest Moog synth ever"

Already confirmed, this new analogue instrument promises the soul and hands-on tweakability of classic Moogs of the past but with an altogether more aggressive sound.

NAMM 2013: Moog Sub Phatty revealed

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Fender Mando-Strat
Folkin' great

Capitalising on what literally nobody has called 'Mumford Mania', the Mando-Strat will give folky types a chance to plug in and bring the noise to the hoe-down of their choice.

NAMM 2013: Fender launches Mando-Strat

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Roland RD-64
A piano-like feel in a smaller frame

This compact stage piano/controller has weighted keys and could prove popular with gigging musicians who want an instrument that they can sling in a bag and won't take up too much space in their studio.

NAMM 2013: Roland RD-64 compact stage piano/controller unveiled

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Roland Studio Capture
Plenty of I/O in a rugged box

Roland's largest Capture audio interface to date provides16 inputs, 12 mic preamps and 10 outputs - all in a relatively compact case. 24-bit/192kHz operation is supported, and there's some nice front panel metering.

NAMM 2013: Roland announces Studio Capture audio interface

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Livid Base
A new clip triggering contender?

Following the briefest of teaser campaigns, Livid has revealed its Base pad and touch controller. It looks like a contender, too, featuring 32 pressure- and velocity-sensitive pads, eight function buttons, nine capacitive touch faders and eight capacitive touch buttons. There's full RGB backlighting and an LED character display as well.

NAMM 2013: Livid Base details revealed

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Novation Launchkey
Controller keyboard with launch pads

What do you get if you cross a Novation Launchpad with a controller keyboard? This, it would seem.

NAMM 2013: Novation unveils the Launchkey range of MIDI controllers

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Fender Acoustic Custom Shop
Can the Custom Shop unplug and make a mark?

Fender isn't exactly renowned for its prowess in the acoustic arena, so we'll be fascinated to see if the new Acoustic Custom Shop can turn out guitars capable of taking on the big unplugged players.

NAMM 2013: Fender launches Acoustic Custom Shop

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Dubreq Stylophone S2
It's got a stylus... but has it got style?

This new Stylophone offers a vastly improved feature set in comparison to the original... but also comes at a much higher price. Future Music got the lowdown at the Dubreq stand.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Stylophone S2 analogue synth launched

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Kemper Profiler Rack
Rack to the future

Kemper has made a huge splash with its Profiling Amplifier, and looks set to keep up the good work with this incredibly impressive looking rack-mounted version.

NAMM 2013: Kemper Amps announces the Kemper Profiler Rack

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Numark Orbit
The handheld DJ controller that looks like a joypad

With 16 backlit buttons, a central touch wheel and shoulder buttons, this wireless controller certainly has our attention.

NAMM 2013: Numark launches Orbit, wireless handheld DJ controller

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Taylor Grand Orchestra
The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'

Taylor has launched a new body size, the Grand Orchestra, which boasts a "tighter waist and a wider bottom" and looks like an excellent addition to Taylor's larger body sizes.

NAMM 2013: Taylor launches Grand Orchestra body size

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Preview day
The calm before the storm

Winter NAMM doesn't officially kick off until Thursday, but various companies previewed their new products to the media on Wednesday.

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Dean Dave Mustaine guitar
A new signature model

It looks like Dean Guitars is adding another model to its Dave Mustaine Series.

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Stylophone S2 special edition
Flying the flag

Anyone care to guess which country the new Stylophone S2 is designed and built in?

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Korg MS-20 mini analogue synth announced
14% physical space saving

Having made a miniaturised return to analogue synths with its Monotron and Monotribe releases, Korg has now got more comprehensively in touch with its past by announcing a resurrection of its seminal MS-20.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Korg MS-20 mini analogue synth announced

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Dave Smith's Prophet 12 analogue synth
"After 35 years of creating synths, this is simply my best synth yet"

Synth legend Dave Smith has returned to NAMM with a new polyphonic monster and, according to him, it's a stunner. We were lucky enough to catch up with the man himself on the show floor.

Built from the ground up rather than based on any previous design, the Prophet 12 offers 12 voices of polyphony, with each voice featuring four oscillators, a sub-oscillator, resonant analog low- and high-pass filters and analogue VCAs.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Dave Smith's Prophet 12 analogue synth

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Orange DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester
"Every guitar store in the world will need one of these"

Legendary British amplifier manufacturer Orange has used its debut NAMM keynote presentation to launch the DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester.

Announcing the new product both in Anaheim and via an online stream, Orange managing director Damon Waller said the VT1000 "is an easy, safe and low cost way to match, test and grade valves. Every guitar store in the world will need one of these."

NAMM 2013: Orange launches DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Natal Spirit Series
Natal spec at a lower price point

We caught up with Natal to get the lowdown on the new Spirit Series kits and more...

NAMM 2013 Video: Natal Spirit Series kit and Bonzo Bash replica kit

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Jackson unveils 20 new models
It's guitarmageddon...

With a selection of new guitars guaranteed to scare old folks and small children, Jackson's 2013 offering is looking particularly fierce.

Highlights include the seven and eight string DKA Dinky and some striking additions to the USA Select range.

NAMM 2013: Jackson unveils 20 new models

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Korg KingKORG
Analogue modelling at its finest?

If the true analogue delights of the MS-20 mini aren't for you, maybe you'd prefer Korg's latest modelling monster.

NAMM 2013: Korg KingKORG analogue modelling synth announced

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Akai MPX8
A standalone sample launcher

If you want a super-compact, MPC-style pad-based sample launcher, this has got your name on it (quite literally if your name happens to be 'Akai' or 'MPX8').

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Akai MPX8 eight-pad sample launcher announced

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Arturia SparkLE
A smaller Spark to light your beat-making fire

This little brother to the original spark software/hardware drum machine is smaller and more affordable.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Arturia offers SparkLE hardware/software drum machine

NAMM 2013: live highlights
M-Audio Axiom AIR controllers
25-, 49- and 61-note models available

The M-Audio brand is still very much alive, as these slick-looking new Axiom controllers confirm. Each comes with a copy of the new Ignite composing software, too.

NAMM 2013: M-Audio Axiom AIR controllers announced

NAMM 2013: live highlights
7 New Fender Amps
'57 Bandmaster joins updated Mustang range and Acoustasonic 15

Fender has rolled out seven new amps for 2013, including the '57 Bandmaster, the Acoustasonic 15 and the updated Mustang II range.

The '57 Bandmaster will become part of Fender's hand-wired Custom series, while the updated Mustang series includes new amp models, new effects and intelligent pitch shifting. The Acoustasonic 15 meanwhile is a pint-sized acoustic amplifier that can also be used for vocals.

NAMM 2013: Fender expands amp line

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Fuzz Face Mini and MXR Talk Box
For all your fuzzy, tube-in-the-mouth needs

The Fuzz Face Mini, which is available in three iterations - the Fuzz Face Hendrix, Fuzz Face Silicon and Fuzz Face Germanium - and has been scaled down to make it less of a space hog on the average pedal board.

The MXR Talk Box meanwhile features a built in amp and speaker driver, and a not-at-all-medical-looking tube to sit happily in your musical mouth.

NAMM 2013: Dunlop launches Fuzz Face Mini and MXR Talk Box

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Billy Sheehan EBS signature drive pedal
The bass star shows off his new stompbox

We stopped by the EBS booth to checkout bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan's new drive pedal, and got a demonstration from the man himself.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Billy Sheehan demonstrates his EBS Signature Drive pedal

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul
Money to burn? Step in line - behind us

Gibson has unveiled the Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul, a stunning recreation of the Aerosmith guitarist's fabled Les Paul.

Available in Faded Tobacco Burst (aged and signed), Faded Tobacco Burst Aged and Faded Tobacco Burst VOS, the beautiful '59 Les Paulwill cost you upwards of $10,000 (£6325 approx), but for that you'll be getting a painstaking recreation of one of the most lusted-after Les Pauls out there.

NAMM 2013: Gibson introduces Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Magnatone returns - details and video
CEO Ted Kornblum explains all

Given the world's current obsession with all things vintage, it's perhaps an appropriate time for mythical US amp brand Magnatone to make its tube-powered return.

Originally manufactured between 1937 (initially under the name of Dickerson, after amp builder Delbert J. Dickerson) and 1969, Magnatone amps are now scarce, but were once seen in the back lines of many notable guitarists, among them Buddy Holly, David Gilmour and Neil Young.

NAMM 2013 Video: Legendary amp brand Magnatone returns

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Premier drums in pictures
Iconic Brit firm unveil new gear

Premier has plenty to shout about, including this stunning Aces High snare.

The drum, named after the iconic Iron Maiden track, consists of a 14" x 5.5" shell which is 10mm thick and constructed from 17 plies of sycamore.

NAMM 2013: In Pictures - Premier

NAMM 2013: live highlights
MINI5 Rhythm from Vox
Feature-packed box of tricks debuts

Vox has unveiled the MINI5 Rhythm, a pint-sized modelling amp tailor made for guitarists on the go.

The MINI5 is fully tricked out with amp models, effects and more rhythms than you can shake a stick at (in 4/4, or 6/8, or whatever you prefer, really). It even runs on batteries, so you can bring your musical stylings to the people, if that's your thing.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Vox debuts MINI5 Rhythm

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Ableton Push video demo
Push the button (sorry)

According to Ableton,"Push provides direct, hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds and structure, powered by Ableton Live running on your computer.

“High-quality, dynamic pads, buttons, encoders and a display combined with an innovative workflow allow you to play and compose musical ideas without the need to look at or touch your computer, and more importantly, without interrupting the musical flow.”

Future Music got a comprehensive overview of the features and capabilities of Ableton Push at NAMM 2013.

NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Ableton Push demoed

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Casio PX-5S
Stage piano meets synth

Teased before the show as Casio's "most powerful synth ever," it turns out that the PX-5S is actually a stage piano with significant synthesis capabilities. Oh, and it works as a MIDI controller, too.

NAMM 2013: Casio PX-5S stage piano unveiled

NAMM 2013: live highlights
Arturia MiniLab
Retro looks; touch-strip controls

It wouldn't be the NAMM show without a new 25-note MIDI controller or two. Arturia's MiniLab distinguishes itself by offering old-school styling and touch-strips instead of pitch and mod wheels.

NAMM 2013: Arturia reveals MiniLab compact MIDI controller

NAMM 2013: live highlights
DJ area
Clubland, trade show style

DJs are well catered for at Winter NAMM, with a whole area of the show dedicated to new gear for them. Just head for the loud bit with the flashing lights.

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