NAMM 2008: Blackheart reveals new valve amps

14th Jan 2008 | 11:36

NAMM 2008: Blackheart reveals new valve amps
The Handsome Devil
NAMM 2008: Blackheart reveals new valve amps
The Killer Ant

Low power, low prices, high quality

Blackheart Engineering is establishing a notable following Stateside for its range of valve amplification that combines classic voicings, boutique sensibilities and serious value for money.

Winter NAMM 2008 sees Blackheart launch a pair of new models in the shape of the Handsome Devil and the Killer Ant.

The Handsome Devil is available from April in compact head ($299.99) and 1x12 combo ($399.99) configurations and is a 15-watt, Class A circuit switchable to seven watts and equipped with EL84 power valves.

Following the acclaimed Little Giant 5, the BH1H Killer Ant head ($139.99) looks set to take the home recording arena by storm, pumping out just a fraction of one watt from an all-valve circuit.

Intended for use with the Killer Ant, the BH110 Killer Cab ($139.99) features a single 10-inch Eminence driver.

For more information and to get a feel for what Blackheart amplifiers can do for you, check out this YouTube video, or visit the official Blackheart Engineering website.


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