My Chemical Romance begin 'raw' new album

3rd Feb 2009 | 16:24

My Chemical Romance begin 'raw' new album

Gerard Way: "we have to change"

With comic books (The Umbrella Factory) and side-projects (Leathermouth) taking a back-seat, the various members of My Chemical Romance are heading back to the studio to write and record the follow-up to 2006's The Black Parade.

If you're expecting a return to previous 'emotional rock' form, however, you might be disappointed. MCR mainman Gerard Way has revealed it's going to be "less layered," "more raw" and much more matureā€¦

"We haven't chosen a path yet," Gerard Way told BBC Radio One. "It's all over the map in terms of what's there. It's going to be less layered than Black Parade - I do expect it to be a little more raw."

"We have to make a record that reflects how we've matured" Gerard Way

"I'm hoping for something to happen in a very fast way, that feels very natural and that doesn't have a lot of noodling all over it. That's the goal, to get in there and have this rapid and visceral recording experience," he continued.


MCR have a huge following, and it's clear that the band are concerned about turning backs on their young fanbaseā€¦

"Black Parade was three years ago," emphasised Way. "You change a lot in three years. We have to make a record that reflects how we've matured."

"If we keep making a copy of the same record it's going to be no good for anybody. We have to change. You hope that they [the fans] come along with you but they may not and you have to take the chance."

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