Musikmesse 2011 in pictures

11th Apr 2011 | 13:01

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011
All the best bits, product-by-product.

We’re back in the UK and Frankfurt Musikmesse is all wrapped up for another year. As ever there’s been loads of exciting new products and cool gear for us to get our hands on and hear in action.

So here, all in one place, is the best of what we saw at Musikmesse 2011, along with our traditional look at the bizarre end of Frankfurt, From The Basement. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. See you at NAMM 2012.

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Korg monotribe
The monotron gets a bigger brother.

Korg's show-stealing box of analogue fun from Musikmesse 2010, the monotron, gets a bigger sibling with added rhythm section and eight-step sequencer.

Korg monotribe video demo
Get a first taste of this analogue synth and rhythm machine

Korg monotribe press release
The monotron gets a more powerful sibling

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Ampeg GVT Series guitar amps
The much-loved maker re-enters the guitar amp world.

The legendary US bass-amp maker, popular with the likes of The Rolling Stones, makes a welcome return to the world of all-tube guitar amplification.

Ampeg GVT Series guitar amps video demo
Brand new all-tube series put through its paces

Ampeg launches GVT Series guitar amplification press release
Bass amp giant re-enters the world of all-tube guitar tone

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Fender Pawn Shop Series
"Guitars that never were, but should have been."

One of the biggest guitar announcements of this year's Musikmesse was Fender's new Pawn Shop Series guitars - a collection of three unusual axes taking influence from some of Fender's more leftfield designs from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

The Fender stand in pictures
Pawn Shop Series, EVH Wolfgangs, Takamine acoustics and more

Fender announces Pawn Shop Series
"Guitars that never were, but should have been"

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Korg Wavedrum Mini
It's a Wavedrum, but smaller!

New compact version of Korg's Wavedrum percussion synth complete with built in speaker and clip-on sensor.

Korg Wavedrum Mini video demo
A first look at the tiny Wavedrum with built-in speaker and sensor clip

Korg Wavedrum Mini press release
Built-in speaker and battery power

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Orange Dark Terror
A new high-gain, metal loving addition to the Terror family.

Orange unveils the newest edition to the Terror series: the high-gain, metal-friendly Dark Terror. Check out our video demo to hear how - even with a humble Tele' plugged into it - it can churn out some serious crushing gain.

Orange Amps Dark Terror video demo
See and hear the little heavy metal Terror in action

Orange Amps Dark Terror press release
New black model is highest gain Terror yet

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Yamaha MOX synthesizers
Two new workstation keyboards from Yamaha.

The Motif range gets two new pro workstations at reasonable price points in the MOX 6 and MOX 8.

Yamaha MOX synthesizers video demo
An up-close and detailed look at the MOX 6 and MOX 8

Yamaha MOX synthesizers press release
MOX 6 and MOX 8 workstations heading to Frankfurt

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Line 6 M5 Stompbox
A new multi-effects unit for your pedalboard from Line 6.

This compact stompbox boasts more than 100 sounds, including both modern and retro pedal effects. What's more, it's really simple to use and comes in at just £169.99.

Line 6 M5 Stompbox video demo
We get an explanation of some of features offered by the M5

Line 6 M5 Stompbox press release
Stompbox with over 100 guitar effects to supercharge your pedalboard

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Line 6 POD HD
Line 6's new desktop effects unit.

Frankfurt saw the launch of a more compact desktop sibling for the POD HD500 floorpedal. The kidney-bean-shaped unit can run up to eight effects at any one time - which makes for endless versatility when employing its 100-plus effects.

Line 6 POD HD video demo
A first look at Line 6's latest addition to the POD series

Line 6 POD HD press release
New desktop modelling multi-FX unit and firmware update announced

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Novation Twitch
All-in-one DJ control from Novation. But no jog wheels?

Novation's latest DJ controller ships with Serato ITCH, and is designed to let you get fully hands-on with your music.

Novation Twitch video demo
Watch the Twitch controller in action

Novation Twitch press release
Touchstrip DJ hardware developed in collaboration with Serato

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Marshall Class 5 amps
Marshall updates the successful Class 5 range.

2011 sees Marshall release an updated spin on its hugely popular Class 5 combo amp that's perfect for home practice and quiet recording.

Marshall Class 5 video demo
See and hear the Class 5 amps being put through their paces

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Blackstar HT-5R amp
Check out the revamped HT-5 range.

Blackstar's HT-5 amp range gets an overhaul, with new features including custom-designed Blackbird speakers, greater tonal flexibility and digital stereo reverb.

Blackstar HT-5 video demo
Watch and listen to the new amps in action

Blackstar HT-5 press release
Popular valve amps improved for 2011

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer
Jupiter by name, but what about by nature?

It may not be analogue, but the latest synth from Roland pays tribute to the classic Jupiter-8 - as well as bearing its name. The Jupiter-80 features a complete suite of SuperNATURAL sounds.

Roland Jupiter-80 video demo
Find out why it's a Jupiter and hear it in action

Roland Jupiter-80 press release
Pays homage to Jupiter-8

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Dark Matter Audio DMA1
A revolutionary smart audio hub?

Touted in advance as a smart audio hub that can be "whatever you want it to be", the DMA1 certainly had a lot of people curious. In fact, it's an app-enabled device that's designed to ideal in the studio.

Dark Matter Audio DMA1 video demo
We take a closer look at the gadget

Dark Matter Audio DMA1 press release
A revolutionary smart device specifically for music makers?

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Ashdown MiBass amp head
A compact bass head with custom possibilities.

Ashdown's new portable bass head, the MiBass, lets players customise their amp with a choice of front-panel designs or the choice to create your own.

Ashdown MiBass amp head video demo
See the customisable digital bass amplifier in action

Ashdown MiBass amplifier press release
220 and 550-watt head versions available

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Premier Iron Maiden drum kit series
Ever wanted a kit like Nicko's? You're in luck.

At Musikmesse 2011 Premier drums announced a new collaboration with one of its long-time endorsers - Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain. Premier have agreed a licensing deal to create a range of kits, snares and more with artwork from McBrain himself. Some of these kits will appear in more affordable price ranges.

Premier unveils Iron Maiden drum kit series deal on video
Affordable Nicko McBrain replica sets coming soon!

Nicko McBrain and Premier to launch 'smashing' new kits
Read what McBrain had to say on the matter

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits
Five new electronic kits from Yamaha.

Yamaha announced five new DTX electronic drum kits, taking features from their high-end flagship sets and incorporating them into models at a more affordable price-point.

Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits revealed on video
All the details of Yamaha's new kits

Yamaha DTX press release
Flagship features added to new affordable models

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Gibson Melody Maker series
One of the more enigmatic releases of the show.

Gibson chose to launch their new range of affordable, USA-made Melody Makers at Musikmesse 2011 in typically idiosyncratic fashion. Right now there's still very little official information on the new line, but we headed down to the Gibson stand with our trusty camera to bring you pictures and all the info.

Gibson Melody Maker series in pictures
Super-affordable USA Les Paul, SG, Explorer and Flying V models unveiled in Frankfurt

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
Yamaha Pacifica guitars
New additions to the much-loved affordable range.

New additions to a range renowned for both affordability and playability, as Yamaha's Pacifica range is, will always be cause for excitement.

Yamaha Guitars stand in pictures: new electrics, acoustics and basses
Pacifica, SG, RGX, Super BB, AC1R, A3M models and more

Yamaha introduces new Pacifica guitars
Value for money with no compromises

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
In other news...
More noteworthy new products from Musikmesse 2011.

The Vox stand in pictures
Custom Shop guitars, Virage II Butterfly Series and more

Nord Electro 3 HP with hammer-action keyboard
The first Electro to offer piano-like keys

Stanton launches Stanton Control System 4DJ
Innovative complete DJ system with built-in computer, software and controller

Steinberg announces Cubase Elements 6
Entry-level version of the popular DAW

Pioneer introduces DJM-T1 mixer
Specifically designed to natively control Traktor Scratch Duo 2

Roland introduces FP-4F digital piano
SuperNATURAL piano sound comes to top-selling piano

Yamaha announces limited-edition Recording Custom drums
Just 50 of the reissued kits to be made

Numark debuts Mixdeck Quad with iPad support
Breakthrough DJ controller offers four-channel mixing, software control and effects

DigiTech introduces its first ever amps
Seven new amps for guitar and bass

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
From the basement
Our traditional exploration of the weirder side of the trade show.

Because, in the end, we know you just want to see pictures of an older gentleman playing a keytar...

Musikmesse 2011: From the basement
The lighter side of Frankfurt

Musikmesse 2011 in pictures
See you next year...

Those were our highlights from Musikmesse 2011, what do you think of this year's announcements? Spotted anything you think we've missed? Let us know.

To check out our full coverage from Musikmesse 2011, visit our hub page.

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