Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up

24th Mar 2010 | 16:02

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg monotron
A mini analogue marvel?

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010: With the Kaossilator Pro only just making its way into stores, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Korg might have headed to Frankfurt looking simply to maintain the status quo.

However, as it turns out, the company has been very busy since NAMM, as you’re about to discover.

It’s always nice to turn up to a show and find something wholly unexpected, and the monotron is certainly that. Who thought that Korg would be releasing a pocket-sized, true analogue synth with a ribbon keyboard and internal speaker? Not us, but now we’ve seen it, we really want to try it.

Watch Korg monotron video demo

Read the full Korg monotron press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg Electribe SX/MX
Back to the future

No, you haven’t taken a step back in time - the Electribe SX and MX have been revamped for 2010, adding SD card storage and new patterns that bring them up to date. There are fresh sounds, too, so you suspect that a new generation of dance music producers may come to love these boxes.

Read the full Korg Electribe SX/MX press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg PS60
Take it to the stage

With the PS60, Korg has designed a keyboard specifically for gigging musicians - it should give you all the piano (acoustic and electric), organ, strings, brass and synth sounds you need. What’s more, there are dedicated controls that enable you to quickly and easily edit them to taste.

Read the full Korg PS60 press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg microSTATION
Small keys, big features

At first glance, this might look like any other workstation keyboard, but those are mini keys you’re looking at - the microSTATION is probably smaller than you think. It’s powered by Korg’s EDS-i synth engine and features a 16-track sequencer, while in-depth editing can be carried out on your computer using the standalone and plug-in software.

Read the full Korg microSTATION press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg MP-10
A band in a box

OK, it’s not the sexiest thing Korg has ever produced, but if you’re a solo performer who plays to backing tracks, the MP-10 might feel decidedly next-gen. Its two song players can play back MIDI and MP3 files, and the device offers an EDS sound engine, TC Helicon Voice Processor, onboard effects, and a 120GB hard drive.

Read the full Korg MP-10 press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg MR-2
1-bit DSD recording in your pocket

The MR-2 differs from many of its pocket recorder rivals by offering 1-bit DSD recording, though 24- and 16-bit PCM capture is supported too. A stereo electret condenser mic is built in and can be rotated, while an analogue limiter, low-cut filter, and bass EQ are present and correct, too.

Read the full Korg MR-2 press release

Musikmesse 2010: New Korg products round-up
Korg Micrometro
Perfect timing

This one works pretty much as you’d expect: it’s a digital metronome that can be set to operate according to your required tempo and time signature. The volume can be loud, soft or even muted completely (leaving you with just a visual indicator) and, as you can see, you can choose between red and blue models.

Read the full Korg Micrometro press release

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