Musikmesse 08: Bogner announces affordable amp range

14th Mar 2008 | 07:52

Musikmesse 08: Bogner announces affordable amp range

Video: See Reinhold Bogner demo his latest design here

We'd heard whispers about an exciting announcement from boutique amplifier guru Reinhold Bogner, and when MusicRadar was ushered into a small side room in the Messe building, we weren't disappointed.

Continuing the relationship with Line 6 that began with the Spider Valve hybrid amplifier, the latest Bogner amp range will be distributed by the modelling giants.

The Alchemist range starts at just £786 (UK RRP) for the 1x12 combo version and £668 for the head, while the 2x12 combo is £868.

Boasting 40 watts of Class AB power from a pair of 6L6s, the Alchemist's voicing is straight outta California and it benefits from such features as a half-power switch and a few choice onboard effects.

Anyway, that's enough from us, check out this video to hear it in action, kindly demoed for MusicRadar by Reinhold Bogner himself:

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