Jimi Hendrix's childhood home demolished

3rd Apr 2009 | 11:34

Guitars to be built from the wreckage?

Jimi Hendrix's childhood home has been demolished.

The 900-square-foot house in Seattle was recently dismantled by a real estate developer who is reportedly planning to build condominiums on the site. The demolishment comes after years of preservation efforts failed

The house is across the street from the site where Hendrix is buried, and where the legendary guitarist first discovered music. Photos of Hendrix with his first guitar at the house have appeared on reissue albums

"Can you imagine a guitar made out of wood from Jimi's house?"

The LA Times reports that the developer has saved timber from parts of the house, and these may be sold later.

"Can you imagine a guitar made out of wood from Jimi's house?" he asked. "Who wouldn't want that?"

That's not such a crazy idea. ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons helped design the Muddywood electric guitar (pictured below), a one-off instrument crafted from a plank of the Mississippi Delta shack in which blues legend Muddy Waters was born.

ZZ top muddywood guitar

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