Is Status Quo vs Scooter the worst song ever?

17th Sep 2008 | 13:34

Is Status Quo vs Scooter the worst song ever?

To call it 'ill-advised' would be an understatement

It seems that veteran rockers Status Quo may soon be back in the UK singles chart, but if you're thinking that a bit of chug-along 3-chord boogie is all that awaits you, we have bad news. No, this time, The Quo are being remixed – by risible German techno/hardcore outfit Scooter.

The song, Jump That Rock, is a reworking of Whatever You Want, one of Status Quo's most memorable hits. And it's bloody awful. Sound like we're being harsh? Take a listen and then tell us we're wrong.

The Quo's Francis Rossi is feeling rather positive about the record, though, telling The Sun: "This is a chance for a new generation to hear our music". He goes on to say: "It's like Aerosmith getting a kickstart from rappers Run DMC in the 1980s on Walk This Way."

But it isn't really, is it? Whereas that record played a crucial role in helping hip-hop to cross over, this one's about as culturally significant as Damian Hirst taking a dump.

To make matters worse, The Sun also reports that Status Quo and Scooter are planning to pay homage to the Walk This Way video by shooting a similar breaking-down-the-barriers promo. Oh the horror.

Jump That Rock is being released in October, and there's even speculation that it could be a contender for the Christmas Number 1. But we'll eat our stonewashed denim hat if it makes it, before declaring the death of music once and for all.

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