Hero in a half shell

6th Mar 2008 | 15:21

Hero in a half shell

Don't be shy, check out this nutty guitar amp design

Here at MusicRadar, we’ve seen some odd things in our daily trawls of the Blogosphere, and today is no exception.

We’ve seen guitar amps housed in old cigarette packets, a pedal designed to look like a landmine, the ‘60s Sears Silvertone guitar with an amp in its case, the Skeletar, and guitars that resemble genitalia.

Cooler than all of these, in our opinion, is this guitar amplifier made from a coconut shell.

The perfect accompaniment to the soothing sounds of beachside Hawaiian guitar, as we sip a Malibu cocktail with the waves lapping gently at the shoreline just yards away.

If only.

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