Guitar's top 5 onstage screw-ups!

3rd Jul 2009 | 16:19

Starring Pete Townshend, Synyster Gates and more

If you screw up, all of these people are waiting to point and laugh at you.Image: © Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis

Some guitarists can stand still on stage. This sorry collection of clips proves that those who do might just end up being the ones who live longest...

1. Pete Townsend makes an enemy of gravity (0:01)

The Who guitarist enjoys a bit of a tumble at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002. To be fair on the old Pinball Wizard, he pulls it off pretty coolly by allowing a lucky audience member to windmill his Strat before clambering back onstage and rocking on...

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2. Synyster Gates falls head over heels (1:01)

The extended, mid-set solo... every lead guitarist's right or a recipe for a pratfall waiting to happen? Avenged Sevenfold's shred demon answers your question...

3. Herman Li lands on his arse (0:12)

The DragonForce guitarist is renowned for his digital dexterity, but that obviously doesn't apply to his feet...

4. From cool to fool in one second flat (0.08)

The Pariahs were coasting before their guitarist attempts to test the strength of the floor monitors at this outdoor 'festival'...

5. Jason Newsted's Stairway To Embarrassment (0.06)

The Metallica man debuts a new and painful slap bass technique...

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And finally... (0.26)

We couldn't let you go without showing you the mother of all drummer's tantrums. Snare to the face, anyone?

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