Glastonbury 09 begins, Eavis hints at secret guests

24th Jun 2009 | 10:50

Tweet: Muse could fill a "black hole"

Glastonbury ticket

It's Wednesday, the doors have opened, the sun is shining (for now!)… it can only be Glastonbury Festival 2009. While The Boss, Neil Young and Blur prepare to headline, those 'special guest' blanks on the official lineup are filling up fast…

NERD confirmed yesterday for Friday's slot on the Pyramid Stage between Lily Allen and Fleet Foxes. Klaxons have bagged a Saturday spot on the Park Stage (wonder if they'll be playing half-finished material?) and now, thanks to a (not very) cryptic Tweet from Michael Eavis, the sensible money's on Muse to fill another…

Michael eavis tweet

Could be a 'revelation', eh, Michael?! Unless, of course, @MichaelEavis is an imposter.

If, like half of the MusicRadar team, you made the error of not going to Glasto this year, keep an eye on our Twitter feed (the #Glasto posts) for updates and photos live from the festival. The ticket shot above was taken last night… unfortunately the Akai MPC didn't fit in the rucksack.

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