Gibson announces Southpaw Tour

29th Jul 2013 | 13:40

Gibson announces Southpaw Tour

Gibson to tour UK music shops with left-handed guitars and product specialist

Are you left handed guitarist? Sick of feeling left out after years of visiting guitar shops full of right handed instruments? Well, Gibson is setting out to make up for all that this August with the SouthPaw Tour.

Gibson USA will be taking a huge selection of its left handed guitars to music shops around the UK for a series of in-store events, which will feature a Gibson product specialist on hand to talk guitar-starved left handers through the instruments.

The Southpaw Tour will visit these stores on the following dates:

5 August - Dawsons Music, Liverpool
6 August - PMT, Manchester
7 August - PMT, Birmingham
8 August - Dawsons Music, Reading
9 August - Guitar Guitar, London
10 August - Nevada Music, Portsmouth

For more information, see in store at the above locations.

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