Buy Jimmy Page's Orange Matamp!

20th May 2009 | 13:39

Buy Jimmy Page's Orange Matamp!

1971 Led Zeppelin amp for a cool $30,000

Here at MusicRadar we like a bargain, and we also like a slice of rock history. However, despite pooling our collective resources, we found ourselves about $29,937.25 shy of the 30 grand required to open the bidding on what appears to be a bona fide slice of Jimmy Page's backline circa 1971.

A 1971 200-watt Orange Matamp is a rare beast at the best of times, but this example is claimed to have been used onstage on a world tour by one of the most famous guitarists in the history of popular music, in the biggest band of the seventies. In the great rock 'n' roll memorabilia newsagents, we're talking top shelf.

If you are feeling flush, or merely fancy gawking at some pretty hardcore vintage amplifier porn, check out the eBay auction here. Bidding ends on 21 May at 9:02am PDT.

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