Average age of UK festival goers now over 30

17th May 2013 | 09:30

Average age of UK festival goers now over 30

Most 18-24 year old now unable to afford to attend festivals

The average age of UK festival goers is now well over 30, according to research undertaken by MSN.

A sample of 2000 people revealed that 60% of 18-24 year olds will be unable to attend festivals in 2013 due to the increased cost of tickets, travel and, presumably, on-site booze. The average age at Glastonbury is now 36, while at Reading and Leeds it's 35.

The study also indicated that costs of attending festivals have skyrocketed, with the average expenditure a whopping £423.01, including pricey tickets (averaging £103.66) and over £80 on food and drink. Some festivals, such as Glastonbury, now charge over £200 for a ticket - a far cry from the £1 charged to entry for the first festival at Pilton Farm back in 1970.

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