12 beautiful boutique amps

29th Aug 2013 | 14:30

12 beautiful boutique amps
Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature

Oft-mentioned in the Dumble lineage, this is the Cali brand’s most famous amp. John Mayer and Matt Schofield appreciate their loud, clear, majestic tone.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Mesa/Boogie Lone Star

The original boutique guitar amp brand, Boogie still makes world-leading, no-compromise valve amps. The Lone Star has been a Texas-inspired, do-it-all fave for many years.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Orange Custom Shop 50

Hand-built in England, this is as tonally devastating as it is wonderfully built. All-out rock tones from mild break-up to huge, crunching gains: unique, brilliant and well priced.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Matchless King Cobra

Matchless’s genre-defining DC-30 is the obvious choice, but we also love this. In short, it’s a DC-30’s EF86 channel with reverb and tremolo. Utterly astonishing.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Carr The Bloke

Steve Carr’s amp punches harder than an irate Klitschko. It’s a crunching delight for strong rock and blues-rock, in a distinctly boutique enclosure. Stunning build, too.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Fender '57 Bandmaster

Fender makes amps as meticulously as anyone. This 3x10, 26-watt reissue plugs the gap between a ’57 Deluxe and ’59 Bassman. It’s the sound of Townshend on Who’s Next?.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Bogner Goldfinger 45

Eccentric and enigmatic, you say? The man behind this four- 6V6 chameleon certainly fits the bill! You get two vintage- inspired channels, and a neat approach to effects loops.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Divided By 13 JRT 9/15

Created by Fred Taccone, this offers a mix of EL84s and 6V6s for a superbly capable, mid- power tone machine. Built one at a time in California, seen on pro stages everywhere.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Dr Z Maz 18 JR

You’ll scarcely believe the volume and headroom from two EL84s and ‘18’ watts. Hand-made in Ohio, Z artists include Brad Paisley and bluesman Buddy Whittington.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Jackson Amp Works Atlantic

The latest version of this diminutive tone monster gives you varying options of EL84 and EL34 valves for a huge variety of classic-voiced clean and drive sounds.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Cornell Design Your Own

What’s more boutique than having your own amp made? Brit Denis Cornell offers a custom-spec option on his amps, hand-built in the UK. Clapton likes ’em, after all.

12 beautiful boutique amps
Hughes & Kettner Puretone

You may think the German brand is all about technology. Well, the Puretone is one of the most visceral, stripped-down EL34 rock heads we’ve ever played: true fact.

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