10 best electric guitar tuners

15th May 2014 | 10:00

10 best electric guitar tuners
TC Electronic PolyTune 2
Price: £75

GUITARS AND AMPS EXPO 2014: The humble tuner remains an essential tool for guitarists - not only does it help you tune up your own instrument, it ensures you're in tune with the rest of the band, too.

Nowadays, there's a huge range available, from pedals to clip-on headstock units, handhelds and, increasingly, apps for your phone or tablet. Here's a brief overview of some of our favourites, starting with TC Electronic.

TC Electronic PolyTune 2

Price: £75

TC’s flagship stompbox tuner is polyphonic, which means you simply strum all your strings at once and the pedal tells you which need tuning. The PolyTune 2 also adds a strobe display for 0.1-cent accuracy, ideal for setting intonation, while it features the true bypass operation, ultra-fast tuning and alternate tuning modes that made its predecessor such a success.

FULL REVIEW: TC Electronic PolyTune 2

BUY: TC Electronic PolyTune 2 currently available from:
UK: Andertons Music | Thomann | Gear4Music
USA: Sweetwater | Full Compass
FR: Thomann | Michenaud | Star's Music |

10 best electric guitar tuners
Korg PitchHawk-G
Price: £23.99

The variety of clip-on headstock tuners available is staggering, but Korg’s PitchHawk-G is the culmination of years of refinement.

It has a bright, easily adjustable display, while a robust rubber-cushioned grip ensures that the tuner won’t fall off your guitar. Lightning-fast tracking on electrics and acoustics is the icing on this clip-on cake.

FULL REVIEW: Korg Pitchhawk-G

BUY: Korg Pitchhawk-G currently available from:
USA: Sweetwater

10 best electric guitar tuners
Boss TU-3
Price: £69

The Boss TU-2 has been an industry standard in stompbox tuning for decades, and its successor packs +/- one cent accuracy over a 23-segment LED display, plus drop tuning modes up to six semitones.

Combine that with Boss’ silent buffered switching and legendary build quality, and you have a tuner that will withstand plenty of abuse on the road.

FULL REVIEW: Boss TU-3 Pedal Tuner

BUY: Boss TU-3 Pedal Tuner currently available from:
UK: Andertons Music | Thomann | Gear4Music
USA: Sweetwater | Full Compass
FR: Thomann

10 best electric guitar tuners
HardWire HT6 FastTune
Price: £Free

Also available in pedal form the HT6 is HardWire’s take on polyphonic tuning, and its app version is affordable and effective.

It uses an iOS or Android device’s built-in mic or headphone input, and supports guitar, bass and a number of drop tunings. Best of all, it’s free!

FULL REVIEW: HardWire HT6 FastTune Tuner app

10 best electric guitar tuners
Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner
Price: £15.99

Headstock tuners don’t get much smaller than this, but the NS Micro Tuner doesn’t sacrifice functionality thanks to an easily adjustable screen, multiple calibration modes, and even a visual metronome.

It’s easy to attach to the front or back of your guitar’s headstock, too, and will be invisible to all but the most eagle-eyed of audience members.

10 best electric guitar tuners
Korg Pitchblack Poly
Price: £65.99

The latest tuner pedal from tuning specialist Korg packs polyphonic tuning capability into a rugged, true bypass stompbox.

It offers four display modes, all delivered via a brilliant Knight Rider-esque double-meter design, as well as flat, capo and drop D tuning settings.

FULL REVIEW: Korg Pitchblack Poly

BUY: Korg Pitchblack Poly currently available from:
UK: Andertons Music | Thomann | Gear4Music
USA: Sweetwater | Full Compass
FR: Thomann | Star's Music | Woodbrass

10 best electric guitar tuners
Fender GT-1000 Green Chromatic Tuner
Price: £38.78

The handheld tuner has suffered under the smartphone revolution, but Fender’s battery free Green Chromatic Tuner is still a winner for us.

Its power is generated from a crank handle that’s rotated to build up charge - 10 cranks should last 24 hours - providing enough juice to fuel the quick-tracking chromatic display and internal microphone. Genius!

10 best electric guitar tuners
Snark SN-10 Pedal Tuner
Price: £59.99

With its weighty, sleek metal enclosure and super bright display, Snark’s SN-10 has a space age vibe that carries through to its speedy tuning response.

The clear, uncomplicated screen makes it easy to recognise pitch, while the pedal also features true bypass and calibration within a 415 to 466Hz range.

FULL REVIEW: Snark SN-10 Pedal Tuner

10 best electric guitar tuners
Peterson iStrobosoft HD
Price: £6.99

Peterson is the name behind some of the industry’s most precise strobe tuners, and its iStrobosoft HD app delivers the same tuning capabilities for minimal outlay.

The app is accurate to 1/10 of a cent, making it perfect for adjusting your guitar’s intonation, and uses the iPad’s build-in mic or a separate interface.

FULL REVIEW: Peterson iStrobesoft HD

10 best electric guitar tuners
Seiko STX7
Price: £34.99

There are countless headstock tuners out there, but few are as eco-friendly or useful as Seiko’s STX7. Rechargeable via USB, the STX7 does away with batteries.

This smart guitar essential even features a built-in torch, making it handy for those gig-based emergencies. Its bright bar-tuning display is also easy to use and works via mic or clip (vibration) modes.


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