VIDEO: Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock's drum setup

23rd Aug 2012 | 15:00

VIDEO: Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock's drum setup

Check out the hard-hitting stickman's live kit

We're predicting big things for drummer Garrett Whitlock. The former sticksman for the band Submersed plays like a monster on Mark Tremonti's recently released solo record, All I Was (which also includes the rhythm guitar and bass skills of Eric Friedman).

Whitlock recently gave us a guided tour of the drum kit he's playing, a DW Collector's Series which also includes DW pedals, Sabian cymbals and Evans heads. For sticks, Whitlock is a Vic Firth man all the way.

Whitlock and Friedman will be hitting the road with Tremonti in September. Click here for dates. And if you want to hear Whitlock's kit in action, check out the video for You Waste Your Time below.

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